It is ridiculous that you are preparing to take part in competitive sports and are taking performance-boosting drugs at the same time. Are you not aware that the officials of the World Anti Doping Agency conduct a series of tests that can easily predict the presence of drugs in your system? Act today, stop taking drugs and drink lots of water daily. This will help to flush out the toxins present in your body through your urinary tract. However, you are trapped if you have to report for drug testing in a day or two. Do not worry, as you can depend on TestClear, the leading manufacturers of products that remove traces of drugs from your body, as well as products such as fake urine that helps you successfully pass a drug test. Here are details of some of the kits that they promote through their online store.

Pass urine tests
Unlike similar products sold by many other companies, the fake urine by TestClear contains dehydrated urine, available in a powdered form. The kit consists of a plastic container containing the powder, a vial that has a temperature strip attached to it, and two pieces of air activated heaters enclosed in a separate plastic pack. Using the kit is extremely easy. Pour the powder into the large vial, and fill it up with water. Screw its cap tightly and shake the vial until all the powder is totally dissolved. Now open the package containing the heater, strip off one heater and affix it to the rear side of the tube, in a position exactly opposite of the temperature strip. Once completed, pour the liquid into the receptacle provided by the tester. The final solution has the exact temperature, specific gravity, color, and the pungent odor of real urine, sans any traces of drugs.

Passing hair follicle drug tests
Hair follicle tests are extremely sensitive as the follicles retain traces of drugs six months after you have stopped taking them. The hair purification shampoos offered by TestClear effectively and quickly cleanse your scalp and to eliminate drug traces from the hair follicle. This company also sells kits hair drug testing kits, which are more sensitive than saliva or urine tests, and are extremely accurate too. You can depend on the kit to tell you the precise type of impurities your system has including banned drugs such oxycodone, hydrocodone, THC (marijuana), amphetamines, phencyclidine, opiates, and much more. Confirm if your body contains toxins by ordering their hair follicle drug test kit, and using it. You can also send a sample of your hair to their lab, and they will provide you with the results quickly.

Pass blood tests
Have you applied for a new job and are afraid that you will fail the blood drug test conducted by your prospective employer? Are you worried about WADA detecting traces of drugs in your blood, and banning you from participating in competitive tests for several years? In such a scenario, take advantage of the blood drug tests offered by TestClear. These kits are available in a different range of sizes, which includes a basic single day kit, perfect for individuals who have minimum exposure to drugs, to a 10 days detoxification kit that eliminates all traces of drugs from your body. These kits do not contain fillers, synthetic ingredients, and animal products. On the contrary, they have organic ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and herbs. These detoxification kits begin to work in approximately one hour and remove unwanted toxins from your saliva, urine, and blood. Attention! This kit is not meant for removing drug traces from hair follicles.

Pass saliva tests
Saliva drug tests being immensely popular nowadays, make sure that you successfully pass your upcoming saliva drug test by using powerful and effective saliva detox program of ClearTest. This kit is ideal for people who use marijuana as well as other drugs. Their SalivaConfirm 6-panel oral fluid screening kit displays exactly the type of toxins present in your system and can detect the presence of six unique types of drugs in under 10 minutes. Employing the state of the art drug testing methods, this kit is both convenient and affordable and does not require you to visit the bathroom. You only have to collect a small quantity of saliva, following which you have to wait for 10 minutes. If the scenario you detect the presence of toxins your saliva contains, make use of their innovative mouthwash… Toxin Rid Rescue Wash… allows you to successfully pass oral drug tests effortlessly and successfully.

You can also visit the website of TestClear for many other kits and programs such as:
• Alcohol breath analyzer
• Detoxification programs
• Drug identification test
• Drug testing books, and much more

With TestClear by your side, you no longer worry about being caught by your potential employer or the WADA authorities when they conduct drug tests on you. By the way, STOP taking drugs today!