Different Types Of Drug Tests

One feels disgusted at athletes, who depend on performance-boosting drugs to improve their on-field performance, to cheat honest sportspersons, and win the sporting event they are competing in. In rare cases, certain athletes take specific drugs, prescribed by their doctor, for their health ailments. Maria Sharapova, the female lawn tennis legend, in one of the prime examples of this. She had been taking drugs, to improve her heart condition, for many years, even before that specific drug was included in the World Anti Doping Agency’s list of banned substances. This is the main reason why the drug enforcing agency imposed just an 18 month’s ban on her, later reduced to 15 months. B extremely careful if you banned drugs, as you can rest assured that, sooner or later, be detected by the tests conducted by WADA and shall be prevented from participating in sports for several years. In case of a repeat offense, you will be banned for life from participating in competitive sports. By the way, employers too, conduct drug tests on their new employees to ensure that they are not addicted to drugs, as this might not allow them to work as they should. Find below, some of the tests conducted to find whether the system of individuals contains traces of drugs. For your information, these tests are extremely sensitive.

Urine test
The urine test is among the commonest drug testing methods. This is extremely sensitive and useful as metabolites, or the structure produced as a result of metabolism of all of the substances that the body ingests exits through the body via urine. The methods used to detect traces of the drug in urine includes mass spectrometry, gas spectrometry, as well as thin layer chromatography. The person on whom the test is being conducted is provided a receptacle on which he has to pass urine and hand it over to the agency performing the test. After checking the specific gravity, color, odor, and temperature of the urine, the tests mentioned above are performed.

Saliva Testing
This type of test is gaining in popularity as it is much less intrusive compared to the other types of tests. The drawback of this test is that it only provides accurate results if the tests are conducted within a few hours after the person being tested has taken drugs. For instance, this type of testing can detect cannabinoids if the person has smoked cannabis approximately 4-10 hours prior to the test.

Blood testing
This test is unarguably the most accurate drug testing methods. It is able to detect the presence of the drug as well as its metabolites in the blood right at the time of testing. This test also provides results about the exact percentage of drug in the blood at the time of testing.

Hair follicle test
While traces of drug do not remain in the body for more than a week after last consuming them, they remain in the hair follicles for as long as six months, making this the toughest test to pass for people taking drugs. If other tests such as urine, blood, and saliva test fail to detect traces of the drug, the hair follicle test can easily detect it. However, this test takes a long time to process, which is the reason employees typically do not depend on it. However, this is one of the major tests conducted by WADA to detect whether an athlete has taken drugs.

Perspiration test
This is among the latest type of drug testing procedure. A patch is fixed on the skin of the person being tested for a period of two weeks. This procedure works on the principle of the patch collecting the perspiration of an individual. The chemicals that the patch contains traps traces of drugs and shows them during laboratory tests.

The unfortunate part
People often purchase products from online stores that allegedly helps them to evade drug tests. However, this is a misnomer. For example, a person might pass a urine drug test by using “fake urine,” but traces of drugs in his system will easily be detected by other types of drug tests such as the hair follicle test. To be on the safe side, and ensure that you are not denied employment, or are barred from participating in sports, stop depending on drugs instead.